HTML5 Elements Table (TM) Reference Poster Updated for 2015

HTML5 Elements Table Poster (2015)

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Useful! Accurate! Newly Updated for 2015! The HTML5 Elements Table™ Reference Poster | The HTML5 Elements Table™ is an infographic reference of the complete collection of HTML elements, global attributes, and event handlers within the most recently published W3C HTML5 Recommendation, October 28, 2014.

Top Features Include:

  • Web page function ordered reference arranged by color allows you to easily look-up HTML5’s 200 plus tags and attributes, all-in-one view!
  • Easily reference each element’s content model categories, HTML support versions, PLUS each global attribute and event handler’s HTML support versions and functions where applicable.
  • HTML tags are written in (X)HTML syntax to quickly determine empty tags (aka singleton-tags).

This poster is a highly useful visual reference to the elements and attributes of HTML5 “and every designer should own one”- says Web Designer Magazine – Issue 195 Responsive design.

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